DESTEK SonicPower iPhone 6 6s Fast Wireless Charger,Car Kit - Black

DESTEK SonicPower iPhone 6 6s Fast Wireless Charger,Car Kit - Black

DESTEK SonicPower iPhone 6 6s Fast Wireless Charger,Car Kit - Black

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Get to know DESTEK SonicPower

Still fumbling with your phone's power cord while driving?
Getting tired of the slow charging speed of Qi wireless charger? 
DESTEK SonicPower provides a hassle-free charging solution on the go. Never worry that the phone will run out of battery.

DESTEK SonicPower Conductive Wireless Charger for iPhone 6/6s
Simply place the phone on the mount and go.

  • DESTEK SonicPower quick charges it fully in less than 2 hours. The sleek case always keeps the phone protected while the solid magnetic mount holds the phone firmly.
  • The Conductive charging method gives SonicPower the Quick Charging Speed of cable charging and the Convenience of Qi wireless charging.
  • The MFI certified Lightning, gilt electrode, pin and electronic components fully ensure the dependability of charging.

Package included:

  • Charging Case for iPhone6/6s
  • Magnetic Car Mount
  • Car Charger
  • 3 Feet Micro USB Cable
  • 6 Feet Micro USB Cable
  • User Guide

Note: The car charger that comes along has two USB plugs. For the quick charge, please only use one of them.


Quick Charging

  • Under conditions that navigation and other APPs are working, tests proved that SonicPower fully charges iPhone in less than 2 hours. 50% faster than Qi wireless charger in the market, which usually takes 4 hours.

  • The input rated current of SonicPower is 2.1A, its embedded smart chips always ensure 1A current to the battery even the screen and APPs consume some input current, which ensures a short and steady charge time.

Reliable Charging

  • The MFI certified Lightning, gilt electrode, pin and electronic components work together to fully ensure the dependability of charging.

  • The electronic components can avoid short-delay and transient current.

  • The gilt electrode and pin are durable, can defend against the natural corrosion effects of water, sweat and dust.

Strong Magnetic Connection

  • 6 small magnets are evenly embedded in the mount.

  • The magnitude of the magnetism is elaborately designed and adjusted.

  • The phone stays firm attached even on bumpy roads.

Data Synchronization

  • There are two Micro USB comes along with the charging kit in case there is no available charging mount nearby.

  • You can still charge the phone without taking off the case. It can also sync the phone.

Sleek Case

  • The design and components provide a sleek and compact solution. It keeps your phone stylish and protected.

  • The superior polycarbonate surface prevents against dust, scratch, sweat and water.


Color Black
Output 2.1A

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